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September 2013

by Judith Tripp

The Women's Dream Quest, led by Judith Tripp is a beloved annual event sponsored by Veriditas at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco and other venues around the country. The first Quest was held 26 years ago at Grace and continues to draw a wide circle of women seeking a particularly feminine form of spiritual celebration.

The Quest begins at 7:00 on a Friday evening. Women bring sleeping bags, pillows, mats and warm clothing. First we learn a series of songs welcoming us to the peace of the cathedral, invoking the Divine Mother, celebrating the circle. After the warm up of the songs, we have an opening ceremony where we walk onto the labyrinth, experience psycho-spiritual exercises inviting our inner maiden, mother and crone into our consciousness, breathing our way to relaxation. We then greet each other in a heartful Sufi dance and form our circle. Local dancers and musicians present us with the theme of the Quest and then lead us in a procession throughout the body of the Cathedral.
  At the high altar, we choose medicine cards that send us off to an hour of small circle process with able leaders from the community. After the intimate hour of sharing, we are free to walk the labyrinth, create art, receive healings, chant in the quire and sleep in the grandeur of the Cathedral.

In the very early morning we are awakened by a song, spend an hour in quiet labyrinth walking, yoga and meditation and meet in our small groups. We then have a closing ceremony on the labyrinth, afterward adjourning to the meeting hall for breakfast, small group presentations and a final circle.

This year our theme will be Dreaming Gratitude,
first November 15-16 at Grace and then in Chicago, Charlottesville, Santa Fe and hopefully Philadelphia.

For more information, read Judith Tripp's book: Circleway, the Story of the Women's Dream Quest, available on Amazon

Annual Online Auction: October 7-28, 2013


Less than 8 days remain until our auction goes live!

Thank you to those of you who have already donated items - we are building a really exciting catalog! AND we still need more items. Now is the time to let your creative energy flow in support of this life-changing work!

Here is the link for the auction site. You may go online any time and donate your items. You will be responsible for shipping your items to winning bidders at the close of the auction.

Please contact Phyllis Carlisle if you have any questions or need assistance with placing your items on the Bidding For Good website.

Donor Spotlight

by Rita Canning, Development Coordinator

For this September’s Donor Spotlight interview, I had the pleasure of talking with Judy Powell who has been a donor and strong supporter of Veriditas for many years. Below is her story.

Rita: When did you first encounter the labyrinth?


I first walked the labyrinth in 1996 at an Episcopal Camp and Conference in NC. I was taking an intensive week long body and soul workshop and towards the end of the week a group came to walk the canvas labyrinth in the gym and they invited me to join them. At that time I had never heard of a labyrinth. It turned out to be a very synchronistic event for me.

Rita: How did you get involved with Veriditas?


Soon after that the labyrinth found me in San Francisco, after which I returned to St. Simmons Island in Georgia. The synchronicity with the labyrinth kept making things fall into place, time after time. A friend from Memphis called to tell me about a labyrinth workshop that Laruen was going to do there. I signed up and flew there with a couple that loved the labyrinth. I think I bought everything that was for purchase at the product table. I sat at the lunch table with Lauren who asked me if St. Simmons Island was anywhere near Sea Island because she was scheduled to do a workshop on Sea Island with a group of dentists in two weeks. Well, we all just about fainted as SSI and SI are one and the same in location. Lauren and Tom Keelan stayed with my husband and I when they came to Georgia and I had her do a half day presentation for our community when she finished with the dentist group. I then went to a labyrinth pilgrimage at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. That was just the start of my devotion to the work of the labyrinth and how easy it was for me to follow the path that was set before me. 

As a result I became committed to the work of

Veriditas. It was like holding on to the tiger’s tail, because every time I turned around it was a new insight or new experience. Or something was just placed in front of me that there was no rhyme or reason to it. It was just amazing.

Rita: Would you talk about your inspiration for and work you have done with the labyrinth?

I took the facilitator training in 2006. It was not my idea to present or teach or organize but I’m good at going behind the scenes and figuring out what group might need a labyrinth and encouraging them, especially encouraging individuals. We have a labyrinth here at Sea Island in the spa which is what they call a Petite Chartres, which is a 7 circuit labyrinth (didn’t have enough room for an 11 circuit). I helped Sea Island get that work done and things like that.

Rita: Why do you donate to Veriditas?

I believe that each of us needs a way to quiet our minds and open our hearts and I can’t think of a better tool than the labyrinth. It’s very important to me to spread as many labyrinths around as we can. It’s the quiet and contemplative aspect of it that I think is so healing. You can walk it alone or in the community and the healing is still taking place. We’re touching each other’s hearts and opening our own. After many years of encouragement my sons finally came to walk the labyrinth at the Open Door. They know my commitment. It’s just another layer that as you grow you expand yourself a little bit more and the labyrinth certainly helps us to do that. It’s how we help each other grow…The labyrinth to me is a beautiful and magnificent instrument, one that every human can play. The music is that of the soul.

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News from the Veriditas Council

Fall Meeting

The Veriditas Council will meet in Santa Fe, New Mexico from October 25 to 27, 2013. For several years we have invited nearby Facilitators to join us for lunch on Saturday, share labyrinth activities, explore how the Council can help Facilitators, and walk a labyrinth together. All Facilitators are welcome. Email invitations have gone to Mountain Region Facilitators. If you live in this Region and have not received an invitation, your email address on record may be out-of-date. If you would like details on the October 26th lunch and/or information on Santa Fe hotels, please contact Marge McCarthy at or 505-989-8231.

Global Healing Response (GHR)

The Global Healing Response, founded in 2005 by Council member Ellen Bintz Meuch, offers an annual theme and quarterly ideas and information to enrich labyrinth walks. The GHR theme for 2013 is Truth and the focus for this quarter is Authenticity. The quote is by Eckhart Tolle, “Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” If each of us could host or personally take the time for a GHR labyrinth walk, think of the unified healing energy we could create! The third quarter is posted on the website, We encourage you to visit the site soon and often. All resources since 2005 are listed.

Little Miracles on the Path

Each month, Linda Mikell, secretary to the Veriditas Council and New England Regional Representative, emails a Little Miracles on the Path story to 439 facilitators who have signed up for them. Facilitators from all over the world send her stories about interesting, touching events that happen at their labyrinth walks. If you would like to receive these stories, please contact Linda ( Please don’t forget to send your story when you have one. Little Miracles are archived on the Facilitators Portal of the Veriditas Website. 

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