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Labyrinth Restoration and Revival
A Project of the Veriditas Council

Labyrinths lead a life of their own and sometimes lose their energy, fall into disrepair, or somehow get lost in the shuffle. Along with labyrinth builders and facilitators, there is a growing need for labyrinth keepers -- those people who help maintain the look and feel of the labyrinth. Labyrinth keepers may take the form of a committee, individual, or anonymous visitor who help to keep the labyrinth alive for the community. 

Lauren Artress has brought awareness to the idea of the 'lonely labyrinth' which are sacred spaces that may have been created with good intention and energy, but have lost their way. The Labyrinth Restoration and Revival Initiative is a project of the Veriditas Council that will provide resources, support and inspiration for maintaining, promoting, and uplifting labyrinths.

Have you ever wanted to go on Labyrinth Walkabout?

Imagine searching for labyrinths to visit in your area. Go to and add your information. A selection of labyrinths within your radius will appear. 

It looks like there are several grass and brick labyrinths available. You gather a few friends and go visit the nearest one. 

Grass has grown over the brick. The path has become obscured. Only a few bricks here and there are visible. But, you still want the insight, calmness, and transformation you’ve experienced from other labyrinth walks. 

Una McGurk was on a quest to walk a labyrinth. She called to ask if there were public labyrinths to walk in Asheville. I told her yes, of course, but, “what about labyrinths in Rutherfordton”. She checked the Labyrinth Locator and found one just down the street from her house.

When she went all ready for the walk, she had the Walkabout experience I described above. 

Here is her picture of the St. Francis Episcopal Church labyrinth in Rutherfordton:

Una is a very determined, action oriented lady. She gathered a hoe, a paint scraper, knee pads, gloves and friend or two and began scraping away years of overgrowth. Well begun is half done:

She accomplished her goal several weeks later. Here is the result:

Veriditas labyrinth restoration and renewal is here to help you with your labyrinth restoration and renewal projects.

We help labyrinth walkers restore and revive lonely labyrinths. Fill out the Labyrinth restoration form below to begin the dialog to renew your labyrinth.

Here is a handout on how to keep a labyrinth alive.

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Veriditas is dedicated to inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience.

We accomplish our mission by training and supporting labyrinth facilitators around the world, and offering meaningful events that promote further understanding of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and community transformation. Our Vision is that the labyrinth experience guides us in developing the higher level of human awareness we need to thrive in the 21st century.

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