Veriditas Council

Current Council Members

Paul Campbell

West Fargo, ND
Paul completed facilitator training in 2005 and advanced facilitator class 2008. Passion in creativity for building labyrinth’s, from Robert Ferré’s master builder class. Using labyrinths from business MBA background to current faith based leadership, for discernment and wandering journeys of spiritual growth. Exploring labyrinth use with addiction recovery groups. Living in Sioux City, Iowa.

Tina Christensen

Melbourne, Australia
Tina Christensen joins us from Melbourne, Australia where she is active in the Australian labyrinth network. Tina is also a registered creative arts psychotherapist, speaker and SoulCollage® graduate. She is passionate about the ‘art of being’ and cultivating an ‘artisan’ life.  We are excited to welcome her perspective and hope to facilitate more connections with the Labyrinth Community   "down under."

Christine Favreau

Montgomery, Vermont

Christine is a human resources professional with over twenty years experience spanning varied industries.  She is a Veriditas Advanced Certified Labyrinth  Facilitator who loves to share time, space and experiences through wellness workshops, yoga classes and other engaging community events.

Consistent with her passion for HR and wellness practices, Christine has a long-held interest in helping others move their lives, careers, and organizations forward.  She voluntarily serves as President for One Child At A Time, a non-profit organization working for the welfare and development of vulnerable and needy children, their families and communities.

Christine is curious and creative with a propensity to cognitively explore the world and all it has to offer.

Nathan Wiles

Nathan Wiles is the founder of Innate Creations, an educating labyrinth building and design company. Nathan utilizes skill and experience from his former career as an Interior Designer and Project Manager to help create his labyrinth builds and workshops.

Along with his 30 years of building and designing experience, he was trained by an established Feng Shui consultant and has practiced various meditation techniques.  Now, with close to ten years of experience in both labyrinth designing and building, Nathan is able to join the collective consciousness of the individual or group to help develop their thought onto “canvas.” His passion is to bring a secular understanding to the mystery surrounding us in such a diverse world, while increasing the Labyrinth community through the education and collaboration with public schools, corporations and wellness facilities.

Barrie Carter Gibby

Barrie Carter Gibby works on that creative edge between the branches of words and movement expression. A long-time educator, community builder, avid traveler and labyrinth facilitator, Barrie entwines her background in design, music, theater production and ritual-making to facilitate workshops and pilgrimages across the nation on a variety of themes. She is especially fascinated by the parallels of Celtic and Native American cultures and their loving embrace of nature centered whole life. Her annual pilgrimage to the 13th c. Chartres Cathedral labyrinth, in Chartres, France, provokes inspired passion for her ongoing labyrinth work. As a Veriditas Advanced Certified Labyrinth facilitator, Barrie finds sacred spaces everywhere.

Karen Knight Price

Port Austin, Michigan

Karen Knight Price immediately resonated with the labyrinth as a spiritual tool almost 25 years ago. Since then, it has become a meaningful core in her pilgrimage. She received her facilitator training from Lauren Artress in 2000 and advanced training in 2020. In 2001, a trip to Chartres galvanized Karen’s passion for labyrinth work.

As a former pastor with advanced studies in spiritual formation, Karen has worked with the labyrinth in many settings with a variety of groups and individuals. 

Karen and her husband, Dave, live on a small hobby farm at the very tip of Michigan’s thumb. Animals have a central role in keeping Karen happy and life harmonious.

Also, on the farm, is the Willow Labyrinth, open to the community and the place of Karen’s spiritual nurture. Writing and speaking opportunities are one of the avenues of inviting others to the labyrinth.

Creativity is a powerful directive for Karen. Creativity is what feeds the soul – whether it is creating a mess, a beautiful meal, or a quilt – the need to create is central to how Karen lives her life.

Chuck Hunner

The labyrinth found Chuck on a beach in Florida in 1998. Over the next few months, he developed a line of labyrinth jewelry. He completed facilitator training with Lauren Artress in 2005 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Walks that he hosts focus on moments in Nature such as full and new moons, equinoxes and solstices, and on the transformative power of partnering with Nature. He led many of Robert Ferre's labyrinth construction projects to success and continues to complete new permanent labyrinths each year. His focus is to bring labyrinths to an ever widening audience in order to share the magic and enhancement of labyrinth consciousness.

Vicki Longhofer

Greensboro, North Carolina.

When Vicki walked a labyrinth for the first time in Grace Cathedral, she knew this form of meditation would become consequential for her. Since 2001 she has shared this special path with walkers of all ages. Vicki received facilitator training from Lauren Artress in 2000 and joined a Veriditas Pilgrimage to Chartres in 2002. From personal practice she sees the heart-opening experience of the labyrinth walk as a means to foster peace, individually and communally.

An artist and educator, Vicki finds delight in helping participants to connect with their inherent creativity as the labyrinth nurtures the creative process. She has facilitated walks, workshops and retreats in diverse settings: hospitals, parks, youth camps, retreat centers and other community-based venues. Labyrinth meditations are also woven into her SoulCollage® groups. In 2020 Vicki became a Veriditas Advanced Certified facilitator. She is grateful to share with fellow Council members in the joyful mission of growing and supporting the Veriditas world community.

Marion Patterson

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Marion Patterson lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and completed her facilitator training and certification with Lauren Artress in 2013. She routinely hosts labyrinth walks, opening the experiences to varied groups; has facilitated the Circle process and small focus groups for different denominations; and teaches adults at Kirkwood Community College. She and her husband, Rich, have a business called “Winding Pathways” that encourages people to transform their yards - from patio decks to acreages - into places of satisfying fun, food and fascination. She works welcomes all to learn more and connect the facilitators with the Council.

Mary Ann Wamhoff

Santa Fe, New Mexico

After training with Lauren in Chartres, Mary Ann became a Certified Veriditas Facilitator in 2016. She has walked labyrinths since at least 1995, has studied with Caroline Myss, and is a Reiki Master. Using her original poetry, she regularly facilitates public walks sponsored by the Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe. Mary Ann recently spearheaded and helped build a 48-foot Chartres-style labyrinth. As a Council member, she hopes to support facilitators in listening to what people need, as well as allow her labyrinth work to bloom. Coming from a tradition that believes in the unseen, she has both felt and seen the labyrinth's amazing power!

Twylla Alexander

Conway, Arkansas and Portland, Maine

Twylla Alexander is a Veriditas-certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator and author of the book, Labyrinth Journeys ~ 50 States, 51 Stories. As part of her own personal journey, Twylla walked an outdoor labyrinth in every state in the U. S. and interviewed its creator – all women. She facilitates labyrinth walks and leads labyrinth retreats, providing the space and time for women to explore their own personal journeys. Her children’s book, The Power of Bread, was published in January, 2021. A retired speech-language pathologist and elementary school teacher, Twylla and her husband, Drew, have lived and worked on four continents. They currently divide their time between homes in Conway, Arkansas and Portland, Maine.

Betty (Elizabeth) Lopez Towey

It was at Silver Bay on Lake George that Betty was first introduced to the labyrinth. This profound experience led to a deepening interest which soon became a passion. She was trained as a labyrinth facilitator by Lauren Artress in 2001 and has helped to build the outdoor labyrinth at Silver Bay Conference Center on Lake George, has painted canvas labyrinths with various communities and has carried her own canvas labyrinth into New York City Schools, Colleges, Medical Schools, Churches and Synagogues. She has continued her study of the labyrinth with Lauren Artress at Chartres Cathedral, the site of the original eleven circuit labyrinth and is now an Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator and member of the Veriditas Faculty.

After 20 years of teaching and out of the classroom support roles, Betty was inspired to pursue an administrative position through her own experience on the labyrinth, which led to her starting a New York City Public School. As the principal and founder, an important part of building this new progressive public school was to support adults and children in mind, body and spirit by incorporating the labyrinth in its development. 

As a life long seeker, Betty is a trained Spiritual Advisor and Reiki Master. She is both honored and excited to join the Veridias Council in their mission to support labyrinth Facilitators around the world.

Leslie Wright

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

In 1999 Leslie Wright walked her first labyrinth in a church basement in her native Toronto and it sparked something in her. She received her Facilitator Certification in 2014 and Advanced training in 2020. She participated in a Chartres Pilgrimage in 2018. Leslie enjoys sharing the labyrinth with her community in a variety of settings including churches, seniors’ homes, Parliament of World Religions in Toronto and on her backyard labyrinth. Leslie has been described as a passionate and welcoming facilitator. 

Since 1995 Leslie has been active in various church congregations including leading workshops exploring spirituality. She currently serves on the worship team at her church. When she isn’t exploring the labyrinth, she loves experiencing the various arts. She looks forward to helping labyrinth facilitators connect to find ways to support each other.

Peter Valles

The Woodlands, Texas

Peter completed his advanced facilitator training with Veriditas in 2017.  As a geologist and naturalist, in conjunction with his deep connection with nature, Peter discovered sacred spaces in unlikely places. In January of 2018, he and several volunteers constructed a 7-circuit Classical labyrinth deep in the forest near his home. The labyrinth is constructed from all-natural materials. It has been a source of healing, renewal and joy to the many sojourners who have chosen to walk it. From these small beginnings Peter has cultivated a following of interested and curious labyrinth walkers in his community. In 2018 Peter founded the Center for Full Permission. All things labyrinth and leadership coaching are brought together there. Peter is a trained executive leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world. The He uses the labyrinth in many coaching sessions, thus providing the spaciousness many need to process their life challenges. Through his work in building a community of practice with the labyrinth as the centerpiece, Peter has been able to reach a richly diverse segment of the population in his area. He has a strong conviction that those who walk the labyrinth are able to access a part of themselves that lurk in the shadow of the psyche and discover what lay beyond the veil of what is known.

Council Alumni

Chris Farrow Noble
Kay Mutert
Ellen Bintz Meuch
Gracie Amirault
Judith Tripp
Linda Mikel
Laura Esculcas
Caylen Raine

Michel Gribble-Dates

Kathryn McLean
Marge McCarthy
Tina Margason
Cindy Cleary
Tracy Friedl
Jane Wirth
Craig Wirth
John Ridder
Dhyana Raynor

Warren Lynn
Bonnie Odiorne
Jo Ann Mast
Catlyn Fendler
Margaret Saison
Duncan Newcomer
Lisa Gidlow Moriarty

Karen Kelley

Melissa Postnikoff

member in perpetuity

Veriditas Council Vision Statement

An ever-expanding network of Labyrinth Facilitators, actively supporting the Mission* of Veriditas. 

Veriditas Council Mission Statement

The Council works to develop and implement practical initiatives to support the Labyrinth Facilitator community, in collaboration with the Veriditas Board. 

*(Mission of Veriditas - Veriditas is dedicated to inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience. We accomplish our mission by training and supporting labyrinth facilitators around the world, and offering meaningful events that promote further understanding of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and community transformation.)

Veriditas Council Guiding Principles

The Veriditas Council is a Circle, peer-led and spirit-centered. It is grounded in the principles of cooperation, rotating leadership, shared responsibility and honoring sacred guidance, as a balanced way forward for birthing new ideas and vision.

The Veriditas Council... a brief history

Download a timeline of the Veriditas Council Here.

The focus of the Council’s work is to support the Facilitator community. We are committed to developing ways for facilitators to more easily connect with each other. One way this is being done is through a series of “Facilitator Renewal” events being planned across the country. Another is to be actively working to strengthen local and regional labyrinth groups, by establishing connections between veteran and newly trained facilitators, and supporting the need for topical interest groups. We would love to help facilitate the formation of Regional Councils. Further, we are working on event guidelines that could help local groups produce labyrinth events in their communities.

Members of the Council have also been developing new programs within Veriditas, such as The School of the Sacred Feminine and the Global Healing Response Network, as well as taking responsibility for organizing the Veriditas yearly on-line Auction. We are working to build connections with other labyrinth groups around the country, and taking (and building) the labyrinth into places it hasn’t been. We are planning the creation of the Melissa Postnikoff Memorial Scholarship Fund, named for a beloved founding member, which could help bring greater financial access to programs. And so much more…We continually ask, "What does the labyrinth want of us now?"

Called together by Lauren, we formed in the spring of 2004 with the purpose of helping to vision the birthing of the second generation of Veriditas as it moved toward a focus centered on the transformative experience of the labyrinth. It was also a time when Lauren was beginning to think about shifting the tenor of her role as Mother of Veriditas to that of Grandmother. We took inspiration from the image of the spider plant, where the mother plant is continually bringing forth baby plants, each having the potential to thrive and grow. It continues to be a beautiful metaphor for the expanding and deepening of our work.

From the beginning, we have seen ourselves as a spiritual task force. As we come together, we create a sacred space from which to work. We are inspired and guided by Christina Baldwin’s circle model, found in her book Calling the Circle. Our meetings are structured to give time to meditation, labyrinth walking and sharing of personal process, interwoven with the business of the meetings. We honor the wisdom of each member’s voice; deeply listening to each other.

The Council meets twice a year in retreat, talks by conference calls and works by committee between meetings. Our membership has always been somewhat fluid and organic, with a limit of 15 people. Interest in working in a spiritual circle and sharing a commitment to our mission are essential, as are attending meetings and willingness to take on tasks. 

Council periodically accepts applications for new members.  The process is posted in the fall. If you are interested in being a member of the Council, please contact Marion Patterson.

Council may approve visitors to our meetings.  If you want to attend, please email  Visitors will be welcomed according to our policies.

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Veriditas is dedicated to inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience.

We accomplish our mission by training and supporting labyrinth facilitators around the world, and offering meaningful events that promote further understanding of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and community transformation. Our Vision is that the labyrinth experience guides us in developing the higher level of human awareness we need to thrive in the 21st century.

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