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INDIANA LABYRINTH SUMMER SCHOOL: Whole Week Discount Registration

  • 14 Jul 2023
  • 9:00 AM (CDT)
  • 19 Jul 2023
  • 5:00 PM (CDT)
  • New Harmony Inn, Conference Center A & B, 504 North Street, New Harmony, Indiana
  • 6


Join us and immerse yourself in the world of labyrinths.  Veriditas is offering a potpourri of experiences designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about walking and building labyrinths - all in one week.

Led by Veriditas Faculty Kay Mutert and Master Builder Lars Howlett and special guests.

July 14: For the Love of Sacred Geometry

with Lars Howlett & Kent Schuette

Deepen your connection with and appreciation for sacred geometry and learn how it creates space for the labyrinth experience. 

Sacred Geometry is reflected in the patterns and proportions of the universe, our bodies and the labyrinth itself. Discover how stepping into a circle instills sacred space and tracing a meandering pathway evokes sacred time. Channel your inner wisdom by working with intention and intuition in creating sacred spaces that reflect and resonate with nature. Connect with the shapes and patterns found in Sacred Geometry including the Golden Spiral and Flower of Life. Consider the meaning and symbolism of numbers and reawaken to the beauty and profundity of simple geometric forms in our environment. Learn the best practices for using a compass and how to create a precise labyrinth.

Local architect and Designer of New Harmony’s Cathedral Labyrinth, Kent Schuette, will guide us in creating wondrous designs with a compass and lead an evening walking tour of New Harmony to reveal how Sacred Geometry was used in the planning of the town including its buildings, landmarks, and gardens. A comprehensive digital workbook will be provided as a PDF.

July 15: For the Love of Classical Labyrinths

with Lars Howlett

Deepen your connection and appreciation for the Classical Labyrinth—the great grandmother of all labyrinths!

The Classical pattern is the oldest and simplest form of a labyrinth, treasured by a wide variety of cultures and traditions over the past four to six-thousand years. A survey of its design gets us in touch with the archetypal roots of all labyrinths and a better understanding of the basic ingredients that evoke ‘the labyrinth experience’. Led by Veriditas Faculty member Lars Howlett, we will delight in the history, evolution, and application of the Classical Labyrinth. Learn the ins and outs of its sacred geometry and symbolism including how it reflects the basic patterns of life, a journey through the chakras, and the four directions. We’ll contemplate the many Classical variations such as the Chakra-vyuha, Baltic Wheel, and Man in the Maze with photographs of stunning examples from around the world.

Our program includes a studio visit with local artist and labyrinth designer Ben Nicholson. A comprehensive digital workbook will be provided as a PDF.

July 16: For the Love of the Chartres Labyrinth

with Lars Howlett & Robert Ferre

Immerse yourself in the transcendent archetype of the Chartres Labyrinth as we trace its saga and secrets through stories and studies by modern day disciples.

The most widely recreated and beloved labyrinth today, the Chartres Labyrinth is an exquisite design that has turned around the lives of countless people from all over the world. Inlaid in the Chartres Cathedral in 1200, the labyrinth has been wedded to this beloved pilgrimage site, soaking in that holy space and reflecting its sacred geometry for over 800 years. Join Veriditas Faculty Member Lars Howlett for a deep dive into the history and mystery of the Chartres Labyrinth. We’ll consider its design and variations, as well as how the center rosette and perimeter lunations took labyrinths to a whole new level. Photographs from Chartres and stunning replicas from around the globe will showcase some awe-inspiring renditions of this medieval pattern. 

Special guest Robert Ferré is one of the foremost experts on the design having traveled 53 times to Chartres to walk, study, and connect with the cathedral and labyrinth. A comprehensive digital workbook will be provided as a PDF.

July 17: Walking a storied path Qualifying Workshop

with the Reverend Dr. Kay Mutert

We each communally and universally walk the path of life. In this week's Labyrinth Summer School Workshop workshop in New Harmony, we have an opportunity to be present and reflect on the history of persons' hope and visions over the last centuries of New Harmony's community's journey as we look at how the labyrinth has been a part of this place. We reflect on  how the labyrinth offers place for our own stories. As we come to this week of immersion, this is a unique time to see how the labyrinth experience upholds the journey. How the storied path of New Harmony offers us reflections on our own journeys.

Join us for a time of reflection as to how the labyrinth can support our journey as you find your way forward. 

July 18 - 19:  Facilitator Training
with Kay Mutert and Lars Howlett

"The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that has many applications in various settings. It reduces stress, quiets the mind and opens the heart. It is a walking meditation, a path of prayer, and a blue-print where psyche meets Spirit." 

- The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress

The goal of Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training is to prepare people to introduce others to the labyrinth in an articulate, professional and effective way. The training addresses meditative walking in a variety of settings, with a variety of different populations. It is focused primarily on the Eleven Circuit Medieval Labyrinth but is inclusive of all forms.

Walking the labyrinth is being embraced as a spiritual practice throughout the Western world mostly because of Veriditas trained facilitators. The Veriditas Facilitator Training -- which began in 1997 -- remains the most rigorous and comprehensive training offered. 

How to know if Facilitator Training is right for you?

  • Want to deepen your own labyrinth practice?
  • Want the tools and guidance that will enable you to bring the labyrinth to your community?
  • Want to connect with a supportive community of Labyrinth Facilitators around the world?
  • Find yourself heading up a labyrinth program at your church, school, hospital, college etc. and need broad training and/or specific answers?
  • Considering offering labyrinth walking as part of your healing, counseling, yoga or  coaching business and are curious about the business considerations involved?
  • Love the labyrinth and want to offer workshops of your own? Consider completing Facilitator Training on the path to becoming Certified, Advance Trained and Accredited. Our Veriditas Accredited Presenters are now offering some of our qualifying workshops.

We encourage you to join us! 


To book accommodation, please visit and use the group code 2023VER for a special rate of $89 plus tax (normally $175).  You can also call the New Harmony Inn at 1-800-782-8605 and request the Veriditas Corporate rate. Booking will be available up until 15 days prior to the start of the event. 




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Veriditas is dedicated to inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience.

We accomplish our mission by training and supporting labyrinth facilitators around the world, and offering meaningful events that promote further understanding of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and community transformation. Our Vision is that the labyrinth experience guides us in developing the higher level of human awareness we need to thrive in the 21st century.

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