Labyrinth journey: Sound and silence, movement and stillness: honoring the rhythms of life on the labyrinth VIRTUAL QUALIFYING WORKSHOP with the Reverend Dr. Kay Mutert

  • 20 Feb 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (PST)
  • Online
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In this transitional time, the labyrinth offers balance and invitation to those who choose to enter, whether by finger labyrinth or walking labyrinth. In these many months we have learned the beauty and value of the finger labyrinth and of community. As we begin this return transition from finger labyrinth to walking labyrinth, how can we bring ourselves into the space which we are offered? How can we find ways to walk together in whatever setting? Can we be adaptable? Can we stay with the space of presence, the not knowing?

Through music – simple chants of voice and simple body movement, engaging the imagination and spirit, we are called to be alive, to bring life into the labyrinth, to feel grounded in the holding, whether finger labyrinth or newly opened walking setting. The day’s workshop will offer opportunities to create your own words, tunes, and to learn from others. 

The Reverend Dr. Kay Mutert

Veriditas Master Teacher

The Reverend Dr. Kay Mutert has been working as a Master Teacher with the Veriditas Worldwide Labyrinth Organization since 2008, offering labyrinth workshops in awakening new creative energy, community building, and spiritual formation. Her Master Teacher responsibilities include training new facilitators and renewal training for those trained in past years. She works with organizations to establish labyrinth communities, to hear the hopes of a setting and translate that into an ongoing vision. In her workshops and training she holds the space for participants to discover and develop their own gifts and skills, and to build community.

As a part of the Veriditas faculty, Kay has been a member of the Veriditas Council, Southeastern USA regional representative, and a musician. When she left her local church ministry Kay created "DaySpring - a source of creative expression and renewal of spirit", as a conduit to work with an increasingly larger circle of community. Through her labyrinth work, she uses her experience as musician, minister, teacher and spiritual accompanist with groups and individuals from diverse arenas of life, inviting them to discover the possibilities of the labyrinth to experience a reconnection with the sacredness of life, to find language for their setting. Kay's work helps others find ways for renewal of mind, body, spirit and creative energy, through retreats, workshops and sacred events.

As a pastor, Kay served congregations in the United Methodist Church and the British Methodist Church, a local ecumenical partnership in England, and an interim ministry with the Presbyterian Church USA. Before that she worked as a music educator/church musician in Florida and Alabama. She is a conductor, composer and pianist, incorporating her music into her events. Her work has included compositions and concerts for those affected by cancer and AIDS, connected with her own journey.

Kay has serves as relief musician and program presenter at Iona Abbey in Iona Scotland, and is a past associate of the international ecumenical Iona Community based there. Building her interest in helping others discover the wealth of meaning for today's world in the ancient Celtic spiritual story, she is a guest presenter and retreat leader, leads pilgrimages to Iona and other sites, has assisted in Chartress pilgrimages. She offers workshops and worship experiences utilizing the resources of Ions, Taize and global music.

Kay believes the ancient archetype of the labyrinth serves as a strong source of possibility for today's world, in meditation, reconciliation, peace-making, for young and old, for cross-cultures, creativity and healing, for community and personal use. Through her experience in a variety of settings, she honors the non-verbal expression of meaning as felt in the labyrinth, through sound and silence, movement and stillness.

Kay holds a BS from Mississippi State University, MA from University of South Florida, EdD from University of Alabama and MDIV from Chandler School of Theology. Her published works include a set of her musical compositions - Songs for the Journey, with texts by Reverend Joe Elmore and artwork by Dan Roundtree; a piano CD by Karen Krekeberg - The Joy of Two; along with other miscellaneous creations. Her book Seasons of Change is a memoir of her Jubilee year's tradition into pastoral ministry while living in the Midlands of England. She is a contributor to the recently published book Sacred Habits: the Rise of the Creative Clergy, Chad R. Abbott, Editor.

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